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About us


At Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, we have worked since 1992 to provide companies and employees alike the resources to be more professional, secure, qualified and with a more successful future ahead. The sector is increasingly more united and connected, and works closer with society and the rest of sectors than ever before, to face the challenges of new times.

This is the ultimate goal of the union of Confederación Nacional de la Construcción (CNC)CCOO de Construcción y Servicios and Federación de Industria, Construcción y Agro(UGT-FICA), which all together form this joint non-profit organisation.

As a result of years of sheer dedication and effort, and thanks to the support of many professionals, the Foundation has become a benchmark entity in the sector and a key partner working for the future of companies and professionals.

With more experience and knowledge at our reach, our goal is that the prevention of occupational risks, training, innovation, sustainability and new technologies are capable of assisting us to continue building this progressing sector that we all believe possible.

The tens of thousands of building workers that each year come by the classrooms of the Labour Foundation are the best evidence of our efforts, which we demonstrate on a daily basis through our 50 very own training centres, an offering composed of more than 200 training actions, the collaboration of more than 1,400 professors throughout Spain and the preparation of more than 140 study manuals on different subjects of the sector.

Working towards building a better world is our goal and that of everyone that form part of Construction Labour Foundation, through the 17 Regional Councils distributed all over Spain, just to be closer to you.

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Organization chart

  • President :

    Pablo Javier Ruiz de Temiño Bueno (CNC)

  • Vice president :

    José Juan Arceiz Villacampa (UGT-FICA)

    Fernando Baraza Romeo (CCOO Construcción y Servicios)

  • Secretary :

    Inmaculada Cugat Estrada (CNC)

  • Manager :

    Vicente Lafuente Pastor 

Territorial headquarters - Aragón

  • C/ Isaac Newton, 10 (Pol. Ind. S. Miguel) , 50830 - Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza)
  • Phone: 976 740 626
  • Fax: 976 740 068
  • Meet all our centers here

Code of Conduct

The Fundación Laboral de la Construcción (Labour Foundation for Construction) is commited to the highest ethical standards and, according to the principles of transparency, honesty and integrity, is regulated by a Code of Conduct. Likewise, it publishes in this web the economic information about grants, agreements and contracts with Public Administrations, in compliance with the established in the Law 19/2013, of 9 December, of Transparency and Access to Public Information and Good Governance.

It also counts with Claim channel to communicate anonymously any act that could represent an incompliance of the Code of Conduct.

Data protection clause

Fundación Laboral de la Construcción, in accordance with the provisions of its Code of Conduct, carries out its activities adapting to current regulations in each field of application.

Thus, the paritarian institution has updated its Privacy Policy and the Data Protection Clauses, which can be publicly accessed by any interested party. y las